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You don't think that that is weird at all?
C'mon guys, this is a party so let your hair down and relax a little.
Out of a sense of justice, I said to the leader of the biker gang: "What you are doing is a crime! Be ashamed of yourselves!".
You are new students.
GermanIhr seid neue Studenten.
Which of you will go?
Who is your English teacher?
GermanWer ist euer Englischlehrer?
This is the very book for you to read.
You must learn from mistakes.
It is imperative for you to act at once.
ItalianÈ imperativo che tu agisca immediatamente.
I have a job for you.
FrenchJ'ai un travail pour toi.
They refer to you as their friends.
I'll hear all of you in turn.
FrenchJe vous écouterai tous, les uns après les autres.
How long have you been dating?
FrenchDepuis combien de temps sortez-vous ensemble ?
It appears to me that you are all mistaken.
How did you come to know one another?
I cannot continue my class with you chattering to one another.
I think you should think about the future.
SpanishCreo que deberían pensar en su futuro.
"But you just come here in the summer!" Said Tony.
FrenchMais tu es juste arrivé durant l'été ! Dit Tony.
I would love to come with you all, but I don't have any money.
Isn't it about time you guys buried the hatchet and let bygones be bygones?
You guys seem to think your proposal is far and away the best, but as far as I'm concerned it's all six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.


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