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A toast to your 20th Anniversary!
Our school is 80 years old.
FrenchNotre école a 80 ans.
Thai Air celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday.
SpanishAyer celebramos el décimo aniversario de nuestra boda.
Our company had the fortieth anniversary of the foundation.
PolishNasza firma obchodziła 40. rocznicę powstania.
Today's ceremony marks the 100th anniversary of our school.
PolishDzisiejsza uroczystość upamiętnia setną rocznicę założenia naszej szkoły.
On the tenth of next month, they will have been married for twenty years.
FrenchLe dix du mois prochain, il y a vingt ans qu'ils seront mariés.
A very elderly couple is having an elegant dinner to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.


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