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This is an order.
GermanDas ist ein Befehl.
My orders are absolute.
PolishMoje rozkazy są ostateczne.
SpanishMis órdenes son incondicionales.
His word is law.
SpanishSus órdenes son la ley.
Your suggestion amounts to an order.
His advice amounts to an order.
Her advice amounts to an order.
The policeman barked orders.
They submitted to their leader's order.
GermanSie gehorchten dem Befehl ihres Führers.
SpanishEllos acataron la orden de su líder.
They have orders to return home.
SpanishEllos tienen orden de repatriación.
PolishOtrzymali rozkaz powrotu.
Through obedience learn to command.
They were waiting for the go-ahead.
PolishCzekali na rozkaz wymarszu.
His request was equivalent to an order.
FrenchSes désirs étaient des ordres.
GermanSeine Bitte kam einem Befehl gleich.
PolishJego prośby równały się rozkazowi.
SpanishSu petición era igual a una orden.
They defied the policeman's order.
His doctor ordered him to rest.
GermanDer Arzt gab ihm Anweisung, sich zu erholen.
He ordered me to stand up.
FrenchIl m'ordonna de me lever.
The captain ordered his men to fire.
ItalianIl capitano diede l'ordine ai sottoposti di fare fuoco.
Soldiers must carry out their orders.
SpanishLos soldados deben cumplir sus órdenes.
He was ordered to shut up.
His suggestion was, effectively, an order.
GermanSein Vorschlag war im wesentlichen ein Befehl.
We must execute his orders.
SpanishDebemos cumplir sus órdenes.
They are supposed to obey the orders.
SpanishLa situación de ellos es de seguir órdenes.
I have to obey his orders.
SpanishTengo que obedecer sus órdenes.
He asked the general to take back his order.
FrenchIl demanda au général de retirer son ordre.
RussianОн попросил генерала отменить приказ.
He growled out orders to his subordinates.
He's got a commanding manner about him.

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