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Do it again!
ItalianFatelo di nuovo!
He went 5 innings.
They meet once a week.
RussianОни встречаются раз в неделю.
He came several times.
GermanEr ist mehrmals gekommen.
I threw up three times.
PolishWymiotowałem trzy razy.
Once again.
FrenchEncore vous  ?
I swam two pool lengths.
FrenchJ'ai nagé deux longueurs de bassin.
PolishPrzepłynąłem dwa baseny.
Bases loaded, two outs in the ninth inning.
He visited France three times.
FrenchIl a visité la France trois fois.
How many times have you gone there?
I make several allusions to the Bible.
We have four French classes a week.
I succeeded in my first attempt.
London was bombed several times.
FrenchLondres fut bombardé plusieurs fois.
I rang the bell six times.
I had an easy delivery last time.
We have two deliveries every day.
I had a difficult delivery last time.
Last time I had a breech delivery.
GermanLetztes Mal hatte ich eine Steißgeburt.
I jog twice a week.
He comes here once a month.
FrenchIl vient ici une fois par mois.
GermanEr kommt einmal pro Monat her.
SpanishViene aquí una vez al mes.
We get together once a year.
I met him several times.
FrenchJe l'ai rencontré plusieurs fois.
PolishSpotkałem się z nim kilka razy.
I watch television twice a week.
Yeah, I asked about six times.
PolishPytałem sześć razy.

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