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Look about you.
Look about you.
He looked around.
PolishRozejrzał się.
Money comes and goes.
PolishPieniądze przychodzą i odchodzą.
Bob is kind to those around him.
A crowd gathered around.
I looked around me.
GermanIch schaute mich um.
He is kind to those around him.
The wheel began to turn.
He wandered around the lake.
Planets move around a fixed star.
FrenchLes planètes tournent autour d'une étoile.
GermanPlaneten bewegen sich um einen Fixstern.
Look about you.
I have a rash around my anus.
The people gathered about us.
GermanDie Leute versammelten sich um uns herum.
They gathered about the fireplace.
SpanishSe reunieron alrededor de la chimenea.
Be kind to those around you.
FrenchSois gentil avec ton entourage.
GermanSei freundlich zu den Leuten um dich herum!
They clustered around the fire.
FrenchIls se regroupèrent autour du feu.
GermanSie versammelten sich um das Lagerfeuer.
He looked about the house.
FrenchIl a regardé autour de la maison.
We looked about us.
The earth moves around the sun.
SpanishLa Tierra gira alrededor del Sol.
RussianЗемля вращается вокруг Солнца.
Where can we go on that tour?
We ran around the park.
The dog ran around a tree.
There was a thick fog around.
A fence runs around the house.
SpanishHay una valla levantada alrededor de la casa.
FrenchUne clôture ceinture la maison.

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