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We need to bind gravel with cement.
PolishMusimy związać żwir cementem.
Tighten the defences! They're coming!
It is important to strengthen the foundation.
GermanEs ist wichtig, die Grundlagen zu stärken.
The foundation is bedded in concrete.
We fixed him!
He was married and settled down.
She's married and settled down now.
It is about time he got settled down.
PolishJuż pomału pora, by się ustatkował.
Ranks of police guarded the entrance.
He hardened clay by putting it in a fire.
SpanishÉl endureció el barro poniéndolo al fuego.
The government is determined to put an end to terrorism.
He steeled himself against possible failure.
The private detectives accompanied the President everywhere.
His second son married and settled down.
PolishJego drugi syn ożenił się i ustatkował.
It's high time you got married and settled down.
PolishJuż pora, byś się ustatkował.
The enemy was entrenched all around the capital.
They are binding the gravel with cement to repair the road.
I hope to earn a respectable income by the time I settle down.
In marriage, settling down benefits men more than women.
He resolved to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime enterprise.
Eventually I'd like to settle down and have a family, but not yet.
Akagi sprained an ankle during practice so before the game he taped it up until it was stiff as a board.
FrenchAkagi s'est tordu une cheville au cours de l'entraînement aussi avant le match il lui a tapé dessus pour qu'elle soit raide comme une planche.
It's fine to make grandiose plans but I'd like you to start with what you have on your plate.
And so the method that works is treading down the snow to harden it, making blocks and piling them up.
While welcoming the firming up of the present government policy to abandon the proposal of the reform bill to the Diet, at the same time some are worried that Prime Minister Koizumi won't clearly state the bill's withdrawal.

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