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Large or small?
He's tickled pink.
I'm all for it.
GermanIch stimme dir vollkommen zu.
PolishCałkowita zgoda.
That's quite a problem.
SpanishEse es un verdadero problema.
PolishTo poważny problem.
His family is large.
FrenchCette famille est nombreuse.
GermanSeine Familie ist eine Großfamilie.
He has a large family.
He drinks like a fish.
You are my best friend.
GermanDu bist mein bester Freund.
SpanishEres mi mejor amigo.
He is a man of great wealth.
He yawned widely.
They're my favorite.
She is a great talker.
FrenchC'est un moulin à paroles.
My house needs major repairs.
The party went off beautifully.
His death is a great loss.
His family is large.
PolishOn ma wielką rodzinę.
He is a dramatist.
Studying abroad is very common now.
He has a big mouth.
They sweated gallons.
FrenchIls en ont sué des litres.
The house requires repairs.
My sister hit the jackpot!
FrenchMa sœur a touché le jackpot !
He has a great enthusiasm.
He has great enthusiasm for golf.
School violence is a big problem.
SpanishLa violencia intraescolar es un gran problema.

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