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I want my husband. Now.
My husband is indifferent to his clothes.
She divorced her husband.
GermanSie ließ sich von ihrem Mann scheiden.
Wives usually outlive husbands.
She made fun of her husband.
FrenchElle se moquait de son mari.
My husband is always reading in bed.
FrenchMon mari lit toujours au lit.
She has him at her beck and call.
GermanSie kommandiert ihren Mann wie einen Knecht herum.
She disliked her husband.
Nancy has a hold on her husband.
PolishNancy kontroluje męża.
Her husband is an excellent cook.
She dominates her husband.
He will be a good husband.
My husband is in high spirits today.
GermanMein Ehemann hat heute sehr gute Laune.
SpanishMi marido está de muy buen humor hoy.
Kate may well complain of her husband.
You shall be my daughter's husband.
PolishBędziesz moim zięciem.
My husband earns $100,000 a year.
FrenchMon mari gagne 100.000$ par an.
SpanishMi esposo gana 100.000 dólares al año.
She knows her husband's psychology.
PolishOna rozumie psychikę swego męża.
SpanishElla conoce la psicología de su marido.
She brushed her husband's hat.
FrenchElle a brossé le chapeau de son mari.
She praised her husband to excess.
PolishPrzesadnie chwaliła męża.
FrenchElle exaltait trop son mari.
She helped her husband with his work.
She has lived alone ever since her husband died.
SpanishElla ha vivido sola desde que murió su esposo.
PolishPo śmierci męża żyła samotnie.
She cannot stand what her husband does.
FrenchElle ne tolère pas le comportement de son mari.
SpanishElla no tolera el comportamiento de su marido.
He is a good husband to me.
FrenchC'est un bon mari pour moi.
GermanEr ist mir ein guter Ehemann.
He is an ideal husband for me.
FrenchC'est un mari idéal pour moi.
PolishTo dla mnie idealny mąż.
You shall be my daughter's husband.

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