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How's your sister?
FrenchComment va ta petite sœur ?
My sister likes Ultraman.
FrenchMa sœur aime Ultraman.
My sister has long legs.
My sister is famous.
FrenchMa sœur est célèbre.
Is she your sister?
PolishCzy to twoja siostra?
My sister is pretty.
My sister has perfect vision.
PolishZe wzrokiem mojej młodszej siostry jest wszystko w porządku.
Say hello to your sister for me.
FrenchDis bonjour à ta petite sœur de ma part.
My sister often cries.
FrenchMa sœur pleure souvent.
GermanMeine Schwester weint oft.
My sister is fond of music.
FrenchMa sœur adore la musique.
SpanishA mi hermana le encanta la música.
My father and sister are carpenters.
PolishOjciec i młodsza siostra są stolarzami.
That is my sister's camera.
ItalianÈ la macchina fotografica di mia sorella.
My sister's name is Patricia.
SpanishEl nombre de mi hermana es Patricia.
He introduced his sister to me.
FrenchIl m'a présenté sa sœur.
My sister has a job.
FrenchMa sœur a un travail.
My sister shelled the beans.
I like her younger sister very much.
FrenchJ'aime beaucoup sa sœur.
GermanIch mag ihre Schwester sehr gerne.
RussianМне очень нравится её младшая сестра.
PolishBardzo lubię jej siostrę.
He doesn't have a sister.
My little sister is scared of all doctors.
FrenchMa sœur a peur de tous les médecins.
I saw my sister there.
My sister will prepare breakfast.
SpanishMi hermana preparará el desayuno.
I don't have a younger sister.
GermanIch habe keine jüngere Schwester.
SpanishYo no tengo hermana menor.
I will wait for my sister here.
FrenchJe vais attendre ma sœur ici.
SpanishEsperaré a mi hermanita aquí.
Bring your sister next time.
ItalianLa prossima volta portate vostra sorella.
I gave my sister a dictionary.

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