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My sister is crazy about tennis.
SpanishMi hermana mayor está entusiasmada con el tenis.
She's my sister.
FrenchC'est ma sœur aînée.
GermanSie ist meine ältere Schwester.
SpanishElla es mi hermana.
My older sister is good at typing.
My sister has a sweet tooth.
GermanMeine ältere Schwester ist eine Naschkatze.
My sister is quick-thinking.
Her sister looks young.
PolishJej siostra wygląda młodo.
My sister likes sweets.
My sister sometimes makes our dinner.
His sister looks young.
GermanSeine Schwester sieht jung aus.
My sister hit the jackpot!
FrenchMa sœur a touché le jackpot !
Let me introduce my sister.
FrenchLaissez-moi vous présenter ma sœur.
My sister was a beautiful woman.
FrenchMa sœur était une très belle femme.
GermanMeine Schwester war eine wunderschöne Frau.
My older sister goes jogging every day.
GermanMeine ältere Schwester geht jeden Tag joggen.
SpanishMi hermana mayor va a trotar todos los días.
My older sister got engaged.
I consulted with my sister.
These are my sister's magazines.
My sister is a kunoichi.
My sister can swim very fast.
FrenchMa grande sœur nage très vite.
My sister is in her twenties.
She is no less beautiful than her sister.
Nancy looks like my sister.
FrenchNancy ressemble à ma grande sœur.
My older sister plays the guitar well.
My sister is subject to colds.
My sister has a very good brain.
My sister is a good swimmer.
PolishMoja starsza siostra umie świetnie pływać.

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