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Actually, the soup was too salty.
RussianВ действительности суп был пересолен.
Actually, I've seen this movie before.
SpanishDe hecho, he visto esta película antes.
In fact you are quite right.
GermanTatsächlich ist es genauso wie Sie es sagen.
Actually, I don't like the way your hair is done.
GermanUm ehrlich zu sein, ich mag deine Frisur nicht.
The truth is, Ellen liked you a whole lot.
In fact, he has never been to New York.
Guess what! I'm going to New Zealand to study.
PolishWłaściwie to mam zamiar studiować w Nowej Zelandii.
To tell the truth, we got married last year.
The fact is that I don't know anything about him.
RussianНа самом деле, я ничего про него не знаю.
Actually, I didn't know anything about those plans.
As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.
FrenchEn fait, je n'ai rien mangé depuis ce matin.
In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radioactive rays.
As a matter of fact, I've only just arrived myself.
FrenchEn fait, moi-même je viens juste d'arriver.
The fact is that he is too busy to see you.
Actually there are many cases where it isn't 'have=object, done=causative verb'.
Actually that I bring a huge volume of reference material with me is a makeshift way of preventing people from disputing my case.
Actually, and I need to keep this quiet, but recently here there's a rumour that young women on this beach are having photos taken in secret of them.
In fact, he is sick.
GermanIn Wirklichkeit ist er krank.
The fact is that I have another appointment.
SpanishLa verdad es que tengo otro compromiso.
Actually, I have a favor to ask of you.
FrenchEn fait, j'ai une faveur à vous demander.
As a matter of fact, she is my sister.
In fact, you are quite right.
Actually, it was only a rumor.
FrenchEn fait, ce n'était qu'une rumeur.
PolishW rzeczywistości była to tylko plotka.
SpanishEn realidad, solo se trataba de un rumor.
He was in reality a criminal.
SpanishÉl en realidad era un criminal.
PolishW rzeczywistości on był przestępcą.
This berry is good to eat.
FrenchCette baie est bonne à manger.
PolishTen owoc jest jadalny.

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