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He deals in furniture.
I'm a baker.
FrenchJe suis boulanger.
He is an all-round man.
You're really a hard worker.
It must be the postman.
PolishTo na pewno listonosz.
SpanishDebe ser el cartero.
I do things at my own pace.
The anpan from Kimura is really good.
FrenchLe anpan de Kimura est vraiment très bon.
GermanDas Anpan von der Bäckerei Kimura ist echt lecker.
ItalianL'anpan di Kimura è davvero molto buono.
Has the mailman already come?
He is not any better than a politician.
PolishTo zwykły politykier.
He is a sort of politician.
FrenchC'est une sorte de politicien.
She manages a shoe store.
SpanishElla administra una zapatería.
He runs a shoe shop.
The baker is a good man.
GermanDer Bäcker ist ein guter Mensch.
She is very fond of standing out.
The killers stole up on him.
Is there a photo shop in the hotel?
Has the mailman already come?
PolishBył już listonosz?
The postman delivers letters every morning.
FrenchLe facteur distribue le courrier tous les matins.
He is nothing more than a politician.
It's by smithing that one becomes a blacksmith.
FrenchC'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron.
I am a man who can't stand being alone.
He went to a fruit store first.
SpanishÉl fue primero a la frutería.
PolishPoszedł najpierw po owoce.
The karaoke shop is especially crowded on Saturdays.
The pipe shop is across the street.
PolishSklep z rurami jest po drugiej stronie ulicy.
The dog barked at the mailman.
PolishPies szczekał na listonosza.

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