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I feel my age.
Act your age.
Happy New Year!
FrenchBonne année !
What is his age?
PolishIle on ma lat?
My father is young.
She is getting older.
GermanSie ist alt.
He acts his age.
Everybody had a good year.
PolishTo był dla wszystkich dobry rok.
SpanishTodos tuvieron un buen año.
He grew old.
Soon the new year comes around.
He is old.
Several years went by.
Forty years passed.
FrenchQuarante ans ont passé.
Twenty years already passed.
He looks young for his age.
PolishWygląda młodo jak na swój wiek.
There are twelve months in a year.
GermanEin Jahr hat zwölf Monate.
SpanishUn año tiene doce meses.
Can you tell my age?
FrenchConnais-tu mon âge ?
He is about my age.
FrenchIl a environ mon âge.
What year were you born?
RussianВ каком году вы родились?
I hope you'll have a great year.
He doesn't look his age.
Your age is beginning to tell.
The meeting is held annually.
FrenchLe meeting se tient annuellement.
This is the year 1990.
Act your age.
PolishZachowuj się jak na twój wiek przystało.

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