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They are pilots.
PolishOni są pilotami.
They are wrestlers.
They look healthy.
They are artists.
They are actors.
SpanishEllos son actores.
They are happy.
They are Christians.
PolishSą chrześcijanami.
GermanSie sind Christen.
They are teachers.
They seem happy.
SpanishEllos se ven felices.
They are singers.
They work hard.
SpanishEllos trabajan duro.
Why are they here?
FrenchPourquoi sont-ils ici ?
ItalianCosa ci fanno loro qui?
They are doctors.
They have many friends.
GermanSie haben viele Freunde.
They like English.
They have been busy.
Who are they?
PolishKim oni są?
Are they Japanese?
Spanish¿Son ellos japoneses?
They are human.
PolishOni są ludźmi.
They are the same age.
FrenchIls ont le même âge.
GermanSie sind gleich alt.
That book is theirs.
They are both unmarried.
FrenchTous les deux sont célibataires.
They are high school students.
GermanSie sind Gymnasiasten.
They are very cheerful.
GermanSie sind sehr fröhlich.
PolishBardzo są weseli.
They go without shoes.
PolishChodzą bez butów.

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