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We are cousins.
Mary and Jane are cousins.
This is my cousin.
They are my cousins.
He's not my cousin.
FrenchCe n'est pas mon cousin.
SpanishNo es mi primo.
He and I are cousins.
SpanishÉl y yo somos primos.
GermanEr und ich sind Cousins.
FrenchLui et moi, nous sommes cousins.
I have three cousins.
FrenchJ'ai trois cousins.
My cousin is having a baby next month.
My cousin in Hokkaido is a good skier.
He isn't my cousin.
FrenchCe n'est pas mon cousin.
SpanishNo es mi primo.
My cousin is good at doing magic tricks.
He married my cousin.
I want you to meet my cousin.
PolishChciałbym, żebyś poznał moją kuzynkę.
They are cousins by blood.
Those two boys are cousins.
GermanJene zwei Jungen sind Cousins.
He got engaged to my cousin.
GermanEr verlobte sich mit meiner Cousine.
My cousin is a little older than I am.
GermanMein Cousin ist etwas älter als ich es bin.
SpanishMi prima es un poco mayor que yo.
Helen, this is my cousin.
I have a cousin who is a lawyer.
FrenchJ'ai un cousin avocat.
SpanishTengo un primo abogado.
GermanIch habe einen Cousin, der Anwalt ist.
They are cousins, if I remember rightly.
SpanishSi mi memoria es correcta, ellos son primos.
GermanWenn ich mich recht erinnere, sind sie Cousins.
FrenchSi je me rappelle bien, ils sont cousins.
He is getting on with his cousin.
I have three cousins on my mother's side.
I went shares with my cousin in the profits.
He went to stay with his cousin.
First cousins are too close for marriage.
PolishKuzyni w pierwszym pokoleniu są zbyt blisko spokrewnieni, by zawierać małżeństwa.

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