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She complied with my request.
PolishSpełniła moje żądanie.
She acceded to our demands.
I accepted his invitation.
FrenchJ'ai accepté son invitation.
She accepted our invitation.
GermanSie nahm unsere Einladung an.
I took him up on his offer.
We accepted his invitation.
I cannot answer your request offhand.
She accepted his hand in marriage.
SpanishElla aceptó la proposición matrimonial de él.
FrenchElle accepta sa demande en mariage.
She naturally accepted the invitation.
FrenchBien sûr elle a accepté l'invitation.
We cannot meet your demands.
PolishNie jesteśmy w stanie spełnić państwa oczekiwań.
I cannot answer your request offhand.
I cannot meet their demands.
We cannot meet your needs.
FrenchNous ne pouvons pas satisfaire vos besoins.
I can not comply with your request.
I cannot bring myself to accept your offer.
Only Takeuchi didn't accept the invitation.
GermanNur Takeuchi hat die Einladung nicht angenommen.
I lean toward accepting the proposal.
I cannot comply with his request.
You should try to live within your means.
He did not accept their invitation.
FrenchIl n'accepta pas leur invitation.
RussianОн не принял их приглашения.
I will be very happy to accept your invitation.
FrenchJe serais très heureux d'accepter ton invitation.
ItalianSarò felicissimo di accettare il suo invito.
He sang at our request.
Cut your coat according to your cloth.
He lives up to his income.
You will be paid according as you work.

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