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But the earth's magnetic field is very weak.
FrenchMais le champ magnétique de la Terre est très faible.
SpanishAunque el campo magnético de la Tierra es muy débil.
As it is, I can do nothing.
She said she was OK. In fact, she was terribly injured.
FrenchElle a dit qu'elle n'avait pas de blessures. En fait, elle était terriblement blessée.
If I were rich, I would do so. As it is, I can do nothing.
If I were rich, I would study abroad, but as it is I can't do so.
Instead she merely looked surprised and - could it be - amused.
"You see," said the elder brother, "I was right. Here I have lived quietly and well, while you, though you may have been a king, have seen a great deal of trouble."
French"Tu vois," dit le frère ainé, "j'avais raison. J'ai vécu ici tranquille et bien, tandis que vous, bien qu'ayant pu être roi, avez traversé un bon nombre de difficultés."


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