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The French were defeated at Waterloo.
PolishFrancuzi zostali pokonani pod Waterloo.
Defeat and failure make people too humble.
It's hard to admit that you're a failure.
GermanEs ist schwierig, einzugestehen, dass man ein Verlierer ist.
He will on no account accept defeat.
GermanEr wird niemals eine Niederlage eingestehen.
Actually, we had prepared ourselves for defeat.
The defeated army retreated from the country.
PolishPokonana armia wycofała się z tego kraju.
Bravely though they fought, they were defeated.
The conquered are always wrong. History considers nothing but their defeat.
FrenchLes vaincus ont toujours tort. L'histoire ne considère que leur défaite.
PolishPokonani nigdy nie mają racji. Historia wspomina tylko o ich porażce.
The general had 20/20 hindsight about the defeat, but no foresight at all.
It is important for us to learn to handle defeats as well as triumphs properly.
The manager threw in the towel in defeat and planned how to win the next game.
He threw in the towel in defeat when his favorite chorus girl married another man.
The boxing match was completely one-sided, one pug was so badly mauled that his manager had to throw in the sponge.


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