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Wish on a starry night.
The sky is full of stars.
FrenchLe ciel est plein d'étoiles.
SpanishEl cielo está lleno de estrellas.
Let me wish upon a shooting star.
This book is about stars.
It is interesting to watch stars.
The stars are bright.
FrenchLes étoiles brillent.
GermanDie Sterne leuchten.
Stars can be seen at night.
FrenchLa nuit, on peut voir les étoiles.
GermanNachts kann man die Sterne sehen.
SpanishPor la noche se pueden ver las estrellas.
This is a book about stars.
PolishTo książka o gwiazdach.
Every star is a sphere.
The stars twinkled.
We can see many stars tonight.
The stars twinkled above her.
We can see many stars tonight.
This book is about stars.
SpanishEs un libro acerca de las estrellas.
FrenchC'est un livre concernant les étoiles.
GermanDas Buch handelt über Sterne.
The stars came out.
The sky is full of stars.
SpanishEl cielo está lleno de estrellas.
GermanDer Himmel ist voll mit Sternen.
This is a story about stars.
SpanishEsta es una historia sobre las estrellas.
FrenchC'est une histoire à propos des étoiles.
The heavens are bright with stars tonight.
I like astrology.
FrenchJ'aime l'astrologie.
GermanIch mag Astrologie.
Kathy is gazing at the stars.
GermanKathy blickt zu den Sternen.
Stars shine above in the sky.
GermanDie Sterne leuchten hoch am Himmel.
PolishGwiazdy świecą wysoko na niebie.
Look at that brilliant star.
FrenchRegarde cette étoile qui brille.
There are innumerable stars in the galaxy.
GermanIn der Galaxie gibt es unzählbar viele Sterne.
There are innumerable stars in the universe.
FrenchIl y a une myriade d'étoiles dans l'univers.
There are fifty stars on the American flag.

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