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Cookie is under 5 years old.
Children under three are admitted free of charge.
FrenchL'entrée est gratuite pour les enfants de moins de trois ans.
People under 18 cannot marry.
Entrance is restricted to those above 18.
FrenchL'entrée n'est autorisée qu'aux 18 ans et plus.
Children under 18 are not admitted.
Imported cars account for less than eight percent.
GermanImportautos machen weniger als 8 % aus.
Applicants must be under thirty years old.
There is no admission fee for children under five.
Children under thirteen years of age are not admitted to this swimming pool.
Children below the age of 8 have an underdeveloped frontal lobe that might cause them to be unable to separate reality from fantasy. Some of them might believe that there are monsters in their closet or under the bed for example. They are also sometimes unable to distinguish dreams from reality.


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