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He never misses reading the papers every day.
FrenchIl ne manque jamais de lire les journaux chaque jour.
GermanEr versäumt es nie, jeden Tag die Zeitung zu lesen.
In sport, team harmony is vital to success.
FrenchDans les sports, l'harmonie de l'équipe est vitale pour le succès.
Precision in measurement is a necessity.
This is something we cannot do without.
Products made from petroleum are vital to modern societies.
PolishProdukty ropopochodne są niezbędne dla współczesnego społeczeństwa.
We cannot do without salt even for a single day.
He never fails to write to his mother every week.
To lose face means to be humiliated.
What is indispensable to our lives, along with food and clothes, is housing.
It cannot be denied that we cannot do without the telephone in our modern life.
Moreover she liked walks so much that even in the middle of winter she would come like this to ask to go out twice a day without fail.
Causing competitors to fail, obtaining confidential information, something that big business just can't do without - high risk but at the same time high return work.


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