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Don't forget death.
PolishPamiętaj o śmierci.
I am afraid of dying.
I am afraid of dying.
FrenchJ'ai peur de mourir.
SpanishTengo miedo de morir.
She died of shock.
FrenchElle est morte des suites d'un choc.
GermanSie starb an einem Schock.
SpanishElla murió del shock.
There is nothing scarier than death.
ItalianNon c'è niente di più spaventoso della morte.
White to play and win.
PolishBiałe zaczynają i wygrywają.
The wages of sin is death.
GermanDenn der Tod ist der Sünde Sold.
Jane didn't die a natural death.
Death is the antithesis of life.
FrenchLa mort est l'antithèse de la vie.
GermanTod ist das absolute Gegenteil des Lebens.
Death comes to all men.
All tragedies end with a death.
FrenchToutes les tragédies finissent par une mort.
SpanishTodas las tragedias terminan con una muerte.
GermanAlle Tragödien enden mit einem Tod.
His death is a great loss.
People sometimes compare death to sleep.
PolishŚmierć przyrównuje się niekiedy do snu.
We regret his death.
FrenchNous regrettons sa mort.
SpanishLamentamos su deceso.
He barely escaped death.
PolishLedwo uniknął śmierci.
Is death the only release?
Death preferable to shame.
SpanishEs preferible la muerte a la deshonra.
PolishOd wstydu lepsza jest śmierć.
All human beings are mortal.
He died a sad death.
I'd rather die than surrender.
He didn't fear death.
I would prefer an honorable death.
GermanIch würde einen ehrenvollen Tod bevorzugen.
PolishWolałbym umrzeć honorowo.
Death is often compared to sleep.
FrenchOn compare souvent la mort au sommeil.
PolishŚmierć często porównuje się do snu.
He narrowly escaped being killed.
FrenchIl a échappé à la mort de justesse.
GermanEr entging knapp dem Tode.
SpanishEscapó por poco de la muerte.
He didn't die in vain.
FrenchIl n'est pas mort en vain.
PolishNie zginął na próżno.
GermanEr ist nicht umsonst gestorben.

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