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The criminal left footprints.
FrenchLe criminel a laissé des traces de pas.
SpanishEl criminal dejó huellas.
They are still seeking evidence.
Rainforests should be preserved.
He made a vivid impression.
The king left a large fortune behind.
Please leave some money.
Fred left his wife a large fortune.
FrenchFred a laissé une grande fortune à sa femme.
PolishFred zostawił żonie pokaźną fortunę.
Eat and drink up.
Tom left some food for Mary.
SpanishTom le dejó algo de comida a Mary.
Tom left some food for Mary.
Tom left some money for Mary.
SpanishTom le dejó algo de dinero a Mary.
The wound left a scar on her arm.
GermanDie Wunde am Arm hinterließ eine Narbe.
FrenchLa blessure au bras a laissé une cicatrice.
Eat up all your spinach!
GermanIss deinen Spinat ganz auf.
He left his daughter a great fortune.
He left his son a large fortune.
I left part of the meal uneaten.
GermanIch lies einen kleinen Teil des Essens übrig.
He bequeathed a considerable fortune to his son.
My mother left me a message.
FrenchMa mère m'a laissé un message.
SpanishMama me ha dejado un mensaje.
He left a large fortune to his son.
FrenchIl a laissé une immense fortune à son fils.
The incident left a spot on his reputation.
This is the only thing that was left.
There's a lot of room left for improvement.
FrenchIl reste de nombreuses opportunités d'amélioration.
GermanEs gibt noch beträchtlichen Raum für Verbesserung.
PolishPozostawiono sporo przestrzeni na usprawnienia.
He left an immense fortune to his children.
FrenchIl a légué une immense fortune à ses enfants.
He left his son a fortune.
FrenchIl a laissé une fortune a son fils.
GermanEr starb und hinterließ seinem Sohn ein Vermögen.
He left his students these famous words.
SpanishÉl dejó a sus alumnos estas famosas palabras.

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