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I went to CoCo Ichiban every week.
Every week I study piano on Monday and Tuesday, and dancing on Wednesday and Friday.
Every week he goes fishing.
FrenchChaque semaine il va pêcher.
SpanishÉl se va a pescar todas las semanas.
She plays tennis every Sunday.
GermanSie spielt jeden Sonntag Tennis.
They worship every Sunday.
I play tennis every Sunday.
The magazine comes out every week.
My father plays tennis every Sunday.
I do it every Sunday morning.
PolishRobię to w każdy niedzielny poranek.
He washes the bike every week.
FrenchIl lave la bicyclette chaque semaine.
GermanEr wäscht das Fahrrad jede Woche.
SpanishÉl lava la bici cada semana.
PolishMyje motor co tydzień.
He washes the car every week.
ItalianLui lava la macchina ogni settimana.
My father plays golf every Sunday.
We play football every Saturday.
GermanWir spielen jeden Samstag Fußball.
She writes me every week.
FrenchElle m'écrit chaque semaine.
They go to church every Sunday.
We gather together every Friday.
She plays golf every weekend.
I go to church every Sunday.
PolishChodzę do kościoła co niedziela.
Miss Klein gives a test every Friday.
PolishP. Kein robi sprawdzian co piątek.
I go to church every Sunday.
My sister washes her shoes every Sunday.
FrenchMa sœur lave ses chaussures tous les dimanches.
Ken laid aside some money each week.
I visit my parents every Sunday without fail.
PolishCo niedziela zawsze odwiedzam rodziców.
She always writes to her mother every week.
FrenchInvariablement, elle écrit à sa mère chaque semaine.
He put aside a few dollars each week.
FrenchIl mettait quelques dollars de côté chaque semaine.

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