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She is a temp.
The government dispatched missions abroad.
"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.
GermanManpower ist die weltweit größte Leiharbeitsfirma.
He was sent abroad as a correspondent.
FrenchIl a été envoyé à l'étranger en tant que correspondant.
SpanishLo enviaron al extranjero como corresponsal.
He was sent on a special mission to Europe.
PolishPojechał z misją specjalną do Europy.
The president was very serious about your overseas assignment.
Troops were swiftly called in to put down the riot.
The government asked the SDF for a disaster relief deployment to Okinawa.
GermanDie Regierung bittete das Militär eine Katastrophen Delegation nach Okinawa zu schicken.
The very idea of being sent abroad delighted them.
The temporary workers that we managed to employ left work right away.
PolishSpecjalnie zatrudnieni przez nas pracownicy szybko porezygnowali.
For that reason, temporary workers are working under inferior conditions.
In 1951, Sister Teresa was sent to Calcutta, then the largest city in India.
An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.
FrenchUn ambassadeur est un homme honnête envoyé mentir à l'étranger pour le bien de son pays.
GermanEin Botschafter ist ein rechtschaffener Mann, der in ein fremdes Land entsandt wurde, um zum Vorteil seines Heimatlandes zu lügen.
A few years ago it would have been inconceivable for Japan to send troops overseas.
From 1859, Protestant missionaries from America started to arrive, and the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches also became actively involved in missionary work.
RussianНачиная с 1859-го года, из Америки стали прибывать Протестантские миссионеры, и Католическая и Русская православная церкви так же приняли активное участие в миссионерской деятельности.
The old woman is getting better and is being taken good care of by a nurse from the hospital.


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