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My father is a businessman.
FrenchMon père est un homme d'affaires.
My father is a doctor.
PolishMój ojciec jest lekarzem.
GermanMein Vater ist ein Doktor.
My father walks.
My father is in.
FrenchPapa est à la maison.
Father is away from home.
Dad is coming home tomorrow.
My father smokes.
SpanishMi padre fuma.
My father loves pizza.
RussianМой отец очень любит пиццу.
SpanishA mi padre le encanta la pizza.
My father is in good health.
FrenchMon père va bien.
SpanishMi padre está sano.
My father is busy.
GermanMein Vater ist beschäftigt.
SpanishMi padre está ocupado.
So is my father.
RussianКак и мой отец.
He is the picture of his father.
My father is always cool.
Father enjoyed a long life.
Father is away now.
FrenchMon père est parti pour le moment.
He's my father.
FrenchC'est mon père.
SpanishÉl es mi padre.
My father went fishing.
Dad isn't home.
His father is an impostor.
SpanishSu padre es un impostor.
My father is busy just now.
My dad likes Lego Technic.
FrenchMon père aime Lego Technic.
Father gave up cigarettes.
FrenchMon père a arrêté de fumer.
PolishOjciec rzucił palenie.
My father is tall.
FrenchPapa est grand.
He is a considerate father.
My father gets up early.

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