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Mr. Wan teaches us Chinese.
Kings have long arms.
FrenchLes rois ont de longs bras.
The eagle is king of birds.
Mr Wang is from China.
FrenchM. Wang vient de Chine.
The king oppressed his people.
GermanDer König unterdrückte sein Volk.
SpanishEl rey oprimió a su pueblo.
I'll always be king of pain.
The king abused his power.
The king was executed.
The King was assaulted by terrorists.
RussianНа Короля напали террористы.
People hailed him as king.
He is of royal blood.
FrenchIl est de sang royal.
GermanEr ist von königlichem Geblüt.
He is famous as an oil king.
The lion is the king of beasts.
SpanishEl león es el rey de los animales.
PolishLew jest królem zwierząt.
The king created him a peer.
The king was shorn of his power.
They are plotting to kill the king.
They were ranged against the king.
PolishStali się wrogami króla.
There is no King on the Road of Death.
RussianНа дороге смерти не бывает королей.
What the king says is always absolute.
He acted the part of King Lear.
SpanishÉl actuó el rol del Rey Lear.
The people rebelled against the king.
SpanishEl pueblo se rebeló contra el rey.
PolishLudzie zbuntowali się przeciw królowi.
It was none other than the king.
The king ruled his kingdom justly.
GermanDer König regierte gerecht sein Königreich.
The king was stripped of his power.
The people rebelled against the king.
SpanishEl pueblo se rebeló contra el rey.

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