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Do you like the country?
I live in the country.
FrenchJ'habite à la campagne.
PolishMieszkam na wsi.
She lives in the country.
He dwells in the country.
FrenchIl habite à la campagne.
GermanEr lebt auf dem Land.
SpanishÉl vive en el campo.
The country must be very beautiful.
PolishNa wsi jest z pewnością bardzo pięknie.
They settled in the country.
I want to live in the country.
They went down to the country.
I'm a country boy now.
SpanishAhora soy un chico del campo.
My father lives in the country.
GermanMein Vater wohnt auf dem Lande.
I grew up in the country.
GermanIch wuchs auf dem Lande auf.
My grandmother lives in the country.
FrenchMa grand-mère vit dans le pays.
I don't like living in the country.
FrenchJe n'aime pas vivre à la campagne.
My home is in the country.
He wandered about the country.
Rural life appeals to me very much.
I like to walk in the country.
He lives on his country estate.
FrenchIl habite cette maison de campagne.
GermanEr wohnt auf seinem Landsitz.
PolishOn mieszka w wiejskiej posiadłości.
I want to live a carefree life in the country.
They went down to the country.
The countryside is beautiful in the spring.
I go to the country every summer.
Do you like to live in the country?
GermanLeben Sie gerne auf dem Land?
Spanish¿Te gusta vivir en el campo?
He headed out to the country.
I went for a drive in the country.

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