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The French flag is blue, white and red.
FrenchLe drapeau français est bleu, blanc et rouge.
PolishFlaga francuska jest niebiesko-biało-czerwona.
Shoemakers' children go barefoot.
It's all white.
SpanishEs todo blanco.
GermanEs ist alles weiß.
White to play and win.
PolishBiałe zaczynają i wygrywają.
The color white is a symbol of purity.
FrenchLa couleur blanche est un symbole de la pureté.
GermanWeiß ist ein Sinnbild für Reinheit.
Dogs see in black and white.
The dog knows black from white.
Could I have a glass of white wine?
PolishPoproszę lampkę białego wina.
FrenchUn verre de vin blanc, s'il vous plaît.
Keep away from the unlicensed taxis.
FrenchÉloigne-toi des taxis non accrédités.
PolishUważaj na lewe taryfy.
I like red wine better than white.
FrenchJ'aime le vin rouge plus que le vin blanc.
SpanishPrefiero el vino rojo al blanco.
White wine is the usual companion of fish.
FrenchLe vin blanc est le compagnon habituel du poisson.
I prefer red wine to white.
Red shows up well against a white background.
One is red and the other is white.
My summer school dress is blue and white checkered.
PolishMoja letnia sukienka do szkoły jest w biało-niebieską kratę.
The dress has a beautiful contrast between red and white.
Would you like white wine or red?
FrenchVeux-tu du vin blanc ou rouge ?
Spanish¿Prefiere vino blanco o tinto?
Which do you prefer, white wine or red wine?
I like white wine better than red wine.
GermanIch mag Weißwein lieber als Rotwein.
Would you like red wine or white wine?
Two blacks do not make a white.
White paint will brighten the room.
FrenchLe blanc éclaircira la pièce.
PolishJeśli pomalować pokój na biało, rozjaśni się.
He painted the door over white.
Her dress is blue with white polka dots.
A red and spotted white towel, please.

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