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That student is very active.
SpanishEsa estudiante es muy activa.
Democracy encourages freedom.
PolishDemokracja aktywnie wspiera wolność.
The Americans are an aggressive people.
He's the very model of an aggressive salesman.
Be active in doing good for people.
PolishAktywnie czyń ludziom dobro.
He's active doing charity work.
He has none of his father's aggressiveness.
FrenchIl n'a rien de l'agressivité de son père.
He played an active part in the revolution.
GermanEr spielte eine aktive Rolle in der Revolution.
SpanishÉl jugó un papel activo en la revolución.
Affirmative action and busing are debated topics.
Try to have a positive attitude about everything.
She played a part in the women's lib movement.
GermanSie spielte eine aktive Rolle in der Frauenemanzipation.
SpanishElla tuvo un rol proactivo en el movimiento de emancipación femenina.
She took an active part in the women's lib movement.
GermanSie engagierte sich aktiv in der Frauenrechtsbewegung.
Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science.
FrenchL'observation c'est la science passive, l'expérience c'est la science active.
She shows a very positive attitude to her work.
PolishOna wykazuje bardzo pozytywne podejście do swej pracy.
You have to be aggressive to be a success.
GermanUm Karriere zu machen, muss man ein energischer Mensch sein.
I like her style; she's aggressive and knows what she wants.
FrenchJ'aime son style : elle est agressive et sait ce qu'elle veut.
PolishLubię jej styl: jest zdecydowana i zna swoje potrzeby.
We should play a more active role in combating global warming.
I trust that China will go on to take a more active part.
GermanIch glaube, dass China eine aktivere Rolle spielen wird.
My grandmother attributes her good health to active living.
In some companies, employees use paid holidays for their summer vacations.
If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of the things over which you have no control.
In addition many groups have been formed so that the elderly can socialize with one another and remain active participants in American life.
We insist that during the next three days you make decisions which are fair to all generations and which show an active concern for the environment.


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