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Never say die.
He is no gentleman.
FrenchCe n'est pas un gentleman.
Don't follow anybody blindly.
He doesn't lie.
SpanishÉl no dice mentiras.
GermanEr lügt nicht.
We're goin' home.
I need pens, notebooks and so on.
FrenchJ'ai besoin de stylos, de cahiers etc.
I've nothing to give.
He is anything but a scholar.
She is anything but a singer.
He is anything but a gentleman.
FrenchC'est loin d'être un gentleman.
PolishDaleko mu do dżentelmena.
We came together to form a group.
There is no easy process of learning.
I don't want your pity.
He is far from being a gentleman.
He counts for nothing to me.
FrenchPour moi il n'est rien.
PolishOn nie jest dla mnie problemem.
Mother is never impatient with us.
His advice is of no use.
FrenchSes conseils ne sont d'aucune utilité.
I don't care about the expense.
PolishKoszty nie grają roli.
Staying up late nights is nothing to me.
Fuck you all to hell!
Don't mind about what others think.
He is above cheating in examinations.
SpanishÉl es alguien que jamás usaría chuletas en los exámenes.
She stopped our fighting.
FrenchElle a arrêté notre dispute.
He is the last man to steal.
I've won first prize!
GermanIch habe den ersten Preis gewonnen.
FrenchJ'ai remporté le premier prix.
SpanishHe ganado el primer premio.

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