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Cook the rice.
PolishUgotuj ryż.
We make sake from rice.
Rice grows in warm countries.
FrenchLe riz pousse dans des pays chauds.
SpanishEl arroz crece en países cálidos.
The main diet in Japan is rice.
My father grows rice.
He grows rice.
FrenchIl cultive du riz.
The Japanese live mainly on rice.
FrenchLes Japonais mangent principalement du riz.
GermanJapaner essen hauptsächlich Reis.
PolishJapończycy jedzą głównie ryż.
The main crop of Japan is rice.
Do you eat rice in your country?
GermanIsst man Reis in deinem Heimatland?
Spanish¿Comen arroz en tu país?
We cultivate rice.
Rice grows in warm climates.
FrenchLe riz pousse dans les climats chauds.
PolishRyż rośnie w ciepłym klimacie.
Rice is sold by the kilogram.
SpanishEl arroz se vende por kilos.
PolishRyż sprzedaje się na kilogramy.
GermanReis wird in Kilo verkauft.
Rice will find a ready market there.
The price of rice has come down.
FrenchLe prix du riz a baissé.
SpanishEl precio del arroz cayó.
The Japanese live on rice.
I've ordered a book from
GermanIch habe ein Buch bei bestellt.
There is a great market for rice in Japan.
SpanishEn Japón la demanda de arroz es grande.
The Japanese live mainly on rice.
Rice grows in warm climates.
I have a large library on American literature.
Rice is one of those staple commodities.
The Japanese live on rice.
They deal in rice at that store.
Most Japanese live on rice.
We Japanese live on rice.
FrenchNous, les Japonais, nous nous nourrissons de riz.

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