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He is after a job.
FrenchIl cherche un emploi.
PolishOn szuka pracy.
He is looking for a job.
GermanEr sucht eine Arbeitsstelle.
SpanishÉl está buscando trabajo.
Daniel got a good job.
SpanishDaniel consiguió un buen empleo.
He is busy with job hunting.
Ann can't find a job.
He is seeking a new position.
Thousands of people lost their jobs.
Many people applied for the position.
How is your job hunting going?
FrenchComment se passe ta recherche d'emploi ?
Anyone who protested, lost his job.
FrenchTout ceux qui protestaient perdaient leur emploi.
He applied for a position in the office.
PolishAplikował o pracę w tej firmie.
I found him a job.
He was advanced to a managerial post.
He soon left the new job.
SpanishÉl dejó pronto el nuevo empleo.
He is seeking a new position.
FrenchIl cherche actuellement un nouveau poste.
I considered changing my job.
SpanishPensé en cambiar de trabajo.
Job security is a priority over wages.
FrenchLa sécurité de l'emploi est prioritaire sur le salaire.
PolishBezpieczeństwo zatrudnienia jest ważniejsze od zarobków.
You should apply for that post.
Has that secretarial position been filled?
GermanWurde die Sekretärposition bereits besetzt?
Have you heard whether Tom got the job?
It is important for him to get the job.
PolishZdobycie pracy to dla niego ważna sprawa.
He was thrown out of work.
He was looking for a good job.
SpanishÉl estaba buscando un buen trabajo.
He applied for a position in the office.
I applied for a position in the office.

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