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The leaves fell.
SpanishLas hojas cayeron.
I'm afraid to fall.
FrenchJ'ai peur d'échouer.
I failed the tests.
Leaves fall in the autumn.
ItalianIn autunno cadono le foglie.
Midori sometimes drops consonants.
He often falls in love.
PolishOn często się zakochuje.
I failed the exam.
A fork fell off the table.
FrenchUne fourchette est tombée de la table.
GermanEine Gabel ist vom Tisch gefallen.
ItalianUna forchetta è caduta dal tavolo.
Sales are down now.
He fell into the river.
FrenchIl est tombé dans la rivière.
Even the worthy Homer sometimes nods.
GermanAuch ein Affe fällt mal vom Baum.
FrenchTout le monde peut se tromper.
They failed in the examination.
She fell from the tree.
PolishSpadła z drzewa.
SpanishElla cayó del árbol.
Lightning is liable to hit metal.
Leaves begin to fall in October.
PolishLiście zaczynają opadać w październiku.
I can see the light.
PolishPrzejrzałem na oczy.
Sales are down this month.
The child fell out of bed.
GermanDas Kind fiel aus dem Bett.
He fell off the horse.
They are sure to fall in love.
He fell from the tree.
FrenchIl est tombé de l'arbre.
GermanEr ist vom Baum heruntergefallen.
His popularity is falling.
Production is turning down.
PolishProdukcja zaczyna spadać.
The sales are slipping.
Will he fail the examination?

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