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Her grammar is bad.
Watch your language.
You should always be careful in your speech.
He's misunderstood because of his vulgar language.
SpanishÉl no es comprendido por su lenguaje vulgar.
You should watch your language when you talk to her.
PolishLepiej uważaj na słowa, kiedy z nią rozmawiasz.
Please keep your language decent while my parents are here.
I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.
FrenchJe fus énormément choquée d'entendre sa fille utiliser un langage aussi mauvais.
His dress is that of a gentleman but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.
While I was intent on improving my language skill, I came upon an English grammar book.
ItalianMentre ero intento a migliorare il mio modo di parlare, mi sono imbattuto in un libro di grammatica inglese.


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