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Beat a person at chess.
I beat him completely in the debate.
He is impossible to beat.
PolishOn jest nie do pobicia.
I beat him at golf.
FrenchJe l'ai battu au golf.
I beat him at chess.
I can beat him hands down.
Come on! I will best you.
Ken beat me at chess.
SpanishKen me batió al ajedrez.
FrenchKen m'a battu aux échecs.
GermanKen hat mich beim Schach besiegt.
We defeated them in baseball.
He got the better of his opponent.
Come on, I will beat you.
The Yankees got the better of the Dodgers.
Our school beat Keio at baseball.
I think it's impossible for us to beat him.
They defeated our team by three goals.
Every team was defeated without exception.
FrenchChaque équipe a été vaincue sans exception.
I found it impossible to beat him at English.
SpanishComprendí que es imposible superarlo en inglés.
GermanIch habe gesehen, dass es unmöglich ist, ihn im Englischen zu übertrumpfen.
Even a good computer cannot beat you at chess.
Our team defeated our opponent 5-4.
FrenchNotre équipe a battu notre adversaire par 5 à 4.
He did his best to overcome his enemy.
Our soccer team beat all the other teams in the town.
You will get the better of him in the next election.
Robert got the better of Jack in the game of chess.
Our team can easily beat your team in the first game.
We defeated the other team by 3 points.

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