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She gave her father a tie.
PolishPodarowała ojcu krawat.
I want to give Mom a plant.
SpanishQuiero regalar una planta a mamá.
She wrapped some gifts in paper.
GermanSie wickelte das Geschenk in Papier ein.
Dorothy sent him a nice present.
He will present a book to his teacher.
FrenchIl présentera un livre à son professeur.
GermanEr möchte dem Lehrer ein Buch schenken.
He presented her with a doll.
I shall will my money to a hospital.
I gave him a gold watch.
SpanishLe di un reloj de oro.
GermanIch gab ihm eine goldene Uhr.
I presented him with a gold watch.
FrenchJe lui ai offert une montre en or.
I want to send a present for his birthday.
FrenchJe voudrais lui offrir un cadeau pour son anniversaire.
I congratulated him on the birth of his son.
PolishWysłałem mu gratulacje z okazji urodzin syna.
I'll make you a present of a doll.
I will give you a bicycle for your birthday.
GermanIch schenke dir zum Geburtstag ein Fahrrad.
He gave her an engagement ring last night.
GermanEr schenkte ihr gestern Nacht einen Verlobungsring.
I gave my sister a pearl necklace on her birthday.
FrenchJ'ai donné un collier de perles à ma sœur pour son anniversaire.
The students presented their teacher with a gold watch.
The mayor presented him with the key to the city.
FrenchLe maire lui offrit les clés de la ville.
PolishBurmistrz przekazał mu klucze do miasta.
I will give you a bicycle for your birthday.
FrenchJe t'offrirai un vélo pour ton anniversaire.
GermanIch möchte dir zum Geburtstag ein Fahrrad schenken.
Please accept this gift for the celebration on your wedding.
I wonder what I should get you for your birthday.
FrenchQue t'offrir pour ton anniversaire ?
PolishCo by ci tu dać na urodziny?
Bill never fails to send a birthday present to his mother.
Her fiancé gave her a very big ring.
FrenchSon fiancé lui offrit une très grosse bague.
I gave her a present in return for her kindness.
I'm looking for a bag for my wife.
He bribed that politician with a great deal of money.

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