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My foot hurts.
FrenchMes pieds me font mal.
My legs feel heavy.
He has long legs.
FrenchIl a de longues jambes.
She has long feet.
My legs are weak.
SpanishMis piernas son débiles.
ItalianLe mie gambe sono deboli.
My feet get cold.
FrenchJ'ai froid aux pieds.
She has small feet.
FrenchElle a de petits pieds.
SpanishElla tiene pies pequeños.
PolishOna ma małe stópki.
He has long legs.
FrenchSes jambes sont longues.
GermanSeine Beine sind lang.
ItalianLe sue gambe sono lunghe.
My sister has long legs.
Man has two feet.
He is slow of foot.
Wash your feet.
SpanishLávate los pies.
He's a fast walker.
SpanishÉl es rápido andando.
FrenchIl est rapide.
Tom scrubbed his feet.
I am a good walker.
I have feeling in my legs.
I have a pain in my little toe.
FrenchJ'ai une douleur à mon petit orteil.
GermanIch habe Schmerzen in meinem kleinen Zeh.
You have very sexy legs.
I burnt myself on the leg.
FrenchJe me suis brûlé à la jambe.
This carpet feels nice.
A table has four legs.
GermanEin Tisch hat vier Beine.
My foot's asleep again!
My legs still hurt.
FrenchMes jambes me font toujours mal.
A dog bit her leg.
She has nice legs.

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