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I cannot abide such people.
PolishNie znoszę takich typów.
They aren't such a bad lot.
They are people of a kind.
PolishOni są po jednych pieniądzach.
I can't abide to see such fellows.
The Intel people are lucky to have you!
He hated his own kind.
PolishNienawidził ludzi podobnych do siebie.
I will not borrow money from those people.
You must steer clear of that gang.
Tom is head and shoulders above others.
He gave away all his money.
How long have they been playing tennis?
The essence of Japanese culture could never be appreciated by them.
The young man saved the girl from a bunch of hoodlums.
He hangs around with the wrong group of kids.
They got the sack for being careless and tardy.
The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.
GermanDie Bande stieß ihn zu Boden und raubten ihm seine Uhr.
I don't want to identify myself with that group.
How did she get mixed up with such unpleasant people?
I've got a little surprise in store for the downtown boys who made fun of me.
FrenchJ'ai une petite surprise en réserve pour les garçons du centre-ville qui se sont moqués de moi.
To tell the truth, I don't want to go with them.
Years ago, she used to hang around with a bunch of bikers.
I put the tip under two glasses because I knew they were always in a hurry.
I don't know about the others, but as for me, I'm for it.
We'd probably be best off beating them to the punch before they notice that fact.
He knows that his critics are waiting to pounce on any slip that he makes.

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