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He likes fishing.
FrenchIl adore pêcher.
I went fishing.
FrenchJe suis allé pêcher.
He loves to fish.
Keep the change!
She loves to fish.
PolishOn uwielbia wędkować.
He loves fishing.
FrenchIl adore pêcher à la ligne.
GermanEr liebt das Fischen.
Their hobby is fishing.
Every week he goes fishing.
FrenchChaque semaine il va pêcher.
SpanishÉl se va a pescar todas las semanas.
My father went fishing.
Father has gone fishing.
I find much enjoyment in fishing.
FrenchJe trouve beaucoup de plaisir à pêcher.
He is an expert at fishing.
FrenchC'est un expert de la pêche.
He went fishing in between.
GermanIn der Zwischenzeit ging er angeln.
I used to do fishing.
FrenchJ'allais souvent à la pêche.
PolishCzęsto chodziłem na ryby.
I fished in the Thames River.
Jim went fishing from the pier.
I like to fish in the river.
FrenchJ'aime pêcher dans la rivière.
He went fishing in the river.
FrenchIl est allé pêcher à la rivière.
I am very interested in fishing.
FrenchJe suis très intéressé par la pêche.
Come along with me and go fishing.
FrenchViens pêcher avec moi.
SpanishVen a pescar conmigo.
My uncle is very fond of fishing.
SpanishA mi abuelo le encanta pescar.
My brother goes fishing every weekend.
FrenchMon frère va à la pêche tous les week-ends.
I went fishing in the river.
We go fishing together once in a while.
GermanWir gehen ab und zu angeln.
SpanishNosotros vamos a pescar de vez en cuando.
He went fishing in the river.

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