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What a long cucumber!
FrenchQuel long concombre !
Rabbits have long ears.
PolishZające mają długie uszy.
SpanishLos conejos tienen las orejas grandes.
GermanEin Kaninchen hat lange Ohren.
Kings have long arms.
FrenchLes rois ont de longs bras.
She has long feet.
He has long legs.
FrenchIl a de longues jambes.
He has long legs.
FrenchSes jambes sont longues.
GermanSeine Beine sind lang.
ItalianLe sue gambe sono lunghe.
A rabbit has long ears.
FrenchLes lapins ont de grandes oreilles.
SpanishLos conejos tienen las orejas grandes.
My sister has long legs.
Her hair is long.
FrenchSes cheveux sont longs.
PolishOna ma długie włosy.
SpanishElla tiene el pelo largo.
A watched pot never boils.
An elephant has a long nose.
The road ahead will be long.
Maria's hair is long.
FrenchMaria a les cheveux longs.
GermanMaria hat lange Haare.
RussianУ Марии длинные волосы.
The way you are going is long!
GermanDas hat ganz schön lang gedauert.
FrenchOn n'est pas encore arrivé !
SpanishAún queda harto por delante.
Susie's hair is very long.
FrenchLes cheveux de Susie sont très longs.
SpanishEl cabello de Susy es muy largo.
We have a long way to go.
SpanishNos queda mucho por delante.
This is too long.
Days are getting longer.
PolishDni są coraz dłuższe.
There is a long wait between trains.
Sea turtles have a long lifespan.
FrenchLes tortues vivent jusqu'à un âge avancé.
His lectures are very long.
Short accounts make long friends.
FrenchLes bons comptes font les bons amis.
Many years went by.
SpanishLargos meses y años pasaron.
Do you plan to stay long?
A lifetime is short, but feels long.

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