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Their defense came apart.
Attack is the best form of defense.
FrenchLa meilleure défense, c'est l'attaque.
Attack is the best form of defense.
PolishNajlepszą obroną jest atak.
Attack is the best form of defense.
FrenchLa meilleure défense, c'est l'attaque.
The defenses of the city are strong.
The most effective defense is offense.
PolishNajskuteczniejszą obroną jest atak.
Our army broke through the enemy defenses.
GermanUnsere Truppen brachen durch die Verteidigung des Feindes.
Birds, for instance, have a special protective device.
FrenchLes oiseaux, par exemple, ont un système particulier de protection.
The threat increases; a defence that doesn't evolve is meaningless.
Man, too, has been given protective devices against extreme temperatures.
Nature provides other forms of protection against environmental dangers.
Though the enemy's defenses were strong, we tried to break through.
PolishChociaż obrona nieprzyjaciela była silna, próbowaliśmy się przedrzeć.
When two armies oppose one another, those who can fight should fight, those who can't fight should guard, those who can't guard should flee, those who can't flee should surrender, and those who can't surrender should die.


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