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Jack collects stamps.
Jack collects stamps.
FrenchJack fait la collection de timbres.
Get your things together.
FrenchRassemble tes affaires.
He likes collecting old coins.
FrenchIl aime collectionner les pièces anciennes.
Ken collects old coins.
GermanKen sammelt alte Münzen.
SpanishKen colecciona monedas antiguas.
My hobby is collecting coins.
FrenchMon passe-temps c'est la collection des pièces de monnaie.
Do you collect anything?
My hobby is collecting coins.
My hobby is collecting stamps.
Her hobby is collecting stamps.
FrenchSon passe-temps est de collectionner les timbres.
My brother is keen on collecting stamps.
FrenchMon frère aime collectionner les timbres.
He collected various information.
SpanishÉl reunió varios datos.
I collect silver tea spoons.
He collected a lot of stamps.
My hobby is collecting insects.
SpanishMi pasatiempo es coleccionar insectos.
The game drew a good crowd.
You must gather further information.
GermanDu musst mehr Informationen sammeln.
SpanishDebes reunir más información.
His hobby is stamp collecting.
He collected bits of information.
FrenchIl a rassemblé des bouts d'informations.
They collect our garbage every Monday.
My hobby is collecting old coins.
GermanMein Hobby ist das Sammeln alter Münzen.
SpanishMi pasatiempo es coleccionar monedas antiguas.
I swept up dead leaves.
She attracted our attention.
SpanishElla nos llamó la atención.
I have a large collection of stamps.
FrenchJ'ai une grande collection de timbres.
PolishMam dużą kolekcję znaczków.
The teacher collected the papers.

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