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Do you like black cats?
GermanMagst du schwarze Katzen?
Spanish¿Le gustan los gatos negros?
White to play and win.
PolishBiałe zaczynają i wygrywają.
These sunglasses are too big.
Tom dyed his hair black.
SpanishTom se ha teñido el pelo de negro.
Black cats are bad luck.
SpanishLos gatos negros traen mala suerte.
Black becomes you.
FrenchLe noir te va bien.
GermanSchwarz steht dir gut.
Tom keeps a black cat.
SpanishTom tiene un gato negro.
The dog knows black from white.
Dogs see in black and white.
He always wears dark glasses.
FrenchIl porte toujours des lunettes noires.
This blackboard is not black, but green.
GermanDiese Tafel ist nicht schwarz, sondern grün.
He was dressed in black.
He always wears dark glasses.
FrenchIl porte toujours des lunettes noires.
PolishOn zawsze nosi ciemne okulary.
Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?
Under the table was a black cat.
She was dressed all in black.
FrenchElle était vêtue tout de noir.
ItalianEra vestita tutta di nero.
She is very becoming in a black party dress.
Two blacks do not make a white.
She was frightened to see the black cat.
I have a black and a white coat.
PolishMam biały płaszcz i czarny.
The island showed black in the moonlight.
One of the cats is black, the other is brown.
The black and white squares on a checker board are arranged alternately.
They fed a black and a white dog.
I need red and black markers or felt-tip pens. Do you have any?

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