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Showing entries with auxiliaries only.
/u/ u//
  • auxiliary verb:
    1. indicates speculation  —After the imperfective form of certain verbs and adjectives.
    2. indicates will
    3. indicates invitation


んず/nzu/ · むず/muzu/ · うず/uzu/ nzu/んず/ · muzu/むず/ · uzu/うず/んず · むず · うず
  • auxiliary verb:
    1. will probably be  —Archaism.   んとする
    2. intending to;  will
    3. should
うぃる/wiru/ wiru/うぃる/うぃる  
  • auxiliary:
    1. I will ...;  I'm going to ...;  —Slang.  Commonly used at the end of ultra-short sentences on microblogs, e.g. Twitter.


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