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ええ/ee/common ee/ええ/commonええ


ええと/eeto/common · えっと/etto/ eeto/ええと/common · etto/えっと/ええと · えっと
ええん/een/ een/ええん/会厭
  • noun:
    1. epiglottis
ええんなんこつ/eennankotsu/ eennankotsu/ええんなんこつ/会厭軟骨
  • noun:
    1. epiglottis
ええかげんにしいや/eekagennishiiya/ eekagennishiiya/ええかげんにしいや/ええ加減にしいや
  • expression:
    1. I've had enough of your messing around (orig. a phrase signaling the end of a manzai performance)  —Usually written using kana alone.  Kansai-ben.   いい加減にしなさい
ええじゃないか/eejanaika/ eejanaika/ええじゃないか/ええじゃないか
  • expression:
    1. isn't it great?
  • noun:
    1. carnival-like religious celebrations (e.g. dancing festivals) that occurred across Japan from June 1867 to May 1868
ええかっこしい/eekakkoshii/ · ええかっこしぃ/eekakkoshii/ eekakkoshii/ええかっこしい/ · eekakkoshii/ええかっこしぃ/ええかっこしい · ええかっこしぃ  
  • noun:
    1. acting cool;  pretending to be a better person that one is;  —Colloquialism.  Kansai-ben.



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