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えり/eri/common eri/えり/common · outdated ·
えり/eri/ eri/えり/
  • noun:
    1. fishing weir;  fish weir;  fish trap;  pouch-shaped bamboo fence across river, etc.;  —Usually written using kana alone.


えりまき/erimaki/common erimaki/えりまき/common襟巻き · 襟巻
  • noun:
    1. muffler;  scarf;  comforter
えりもと/erimoto/common erimoto/えりもと/common襟元 · 衿元
えりまきとかげ/erimakitokage/ · エリマキトカゲ/ERIMAKITOKAGE/ erimakitokage/えりまきとかげ/ · ERIMAKITOKAGE/エリマキトカゲ/襟巻蜥蜴 · 襟巻き蜥蜴
  • noun:
    1. frilled lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii);  frill-necked lizard;  —Usually written using kana alone.
えりくび/erikubi/ erikubi/えりくび/襟首
えりあし/eriashi/ eriashi/えりあし/襟足 · えり足 · 衿足 · 領脚
  • noun:
    1. nape of neck;  border of hair at back of neck
えりがみ/erigami/ erigami/えりがみ/襟髪
  • noun:
    1. scruff of neck
よりごのみ/yorigonomi/ yorigonomi/よりごのみ/選り好み
えりごのみ/erigonomi/ erigonomi/えりごのみ/選り好み · えり好み
えりくず/erikuzu/ · よりくず/yorikuzu/ erikuzu/えりくず/ · yorikuzu/よりくず/選り屑
  • noun:
    1. trash
えりしょう/erishou/ erishou/えりしょう/襟章
  • noun:
    1. lapel badge
えりこし/erikoshi/ erikoshi/えりこし/襟腰
  • noun:
    1. height of the neck
よりぬき/yorinuki/ yorinuki/よりぬき/選り抜き · より抜き
えりぬき/erinuki/ erinuki/えりぬき/選り抜き · えり抜き
えりうら/eriura/ eriura/えりうら/衿裏
  • noun:
    1. lining of the collar
えりぐり/eriguri/ eriguri/えりぐり/襟ぐり · 襟刳り
  • noun:
    1. neckline (of dress, etc.)
えりしん/erishin/ erishin/えりしん/衿芯
  • noun:
    1. collar core (stiff fabric, etc. inside a collar)
えりした/erishita/ erishita/えりした/衿下
  • noun:
    1. usu. the drop between collar and bottom hem on kimono, yukata, etc.
えりまわり/erimawari/ erimawari/えりまわり/襟回り
  • noun:
    1. collar;  area around the collar
    2. counterclockwise (when seated in a circle)
えりまきしぎ/erimakishigi/ · エリマキシギ/ERIMAKISHIGI/ erimakishigi/えりまきしぎ/ · ERIMAKISHIGI/エリマキシギ/襟巻鷸
  • noun:
    1. ruff;  reeve (species of sandpiper, Philomachus pugnax);  —Usually written using kana alone.
えりさき/erisaki/ erisaki/えりさき/襟先 · 衿先
  • noun:
    1. collar points
えりさん/erisan/ · エリサン/ERISAN/ erisan/えりさん/ · ERISAN/エリサン/えり蚕
  • noun:
    1. eri silkmoth (Samia cynthia ricini);  eri silkworm;  —Usually written using kana alone.
えりつき/eritsuki/ eritsuki/えりつき/襟付き · 襟付 · 襟つき
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. collared;  having a collar
  • noun:
    1. lifestyle;  circumstances;  what can be observed about one's wealth by looking at one's collar;  —Archaism.
    2. one's collar when wearing multiple kimonos  —Obscure term.   襟元
えりおしろい/erioshiroi/ erioshiroi/えりおしろい/襟白粉
  • noun:
    1. white powder for use on the neck (e.g. by geisha)
えりがえ/erigae/ erigae/えりがえ/襟替え · 襟換え
  • noun:
    1. becoming a geisha (of a geisha apprentice)   半玉  /  舞子[1]
えりのおりかえし/erinoorikaeshi/ erinoorikaeshi/えりのおりかえし/襟の折り返し
  • expression / noun:
    1. lapel

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