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おめでとう/omedetou/common omedetou/おめでとう/commonお目出度うphonetic reading · 御目出度うphonetic reading · お芽出度うphonetic reading · 御芽出度うphonetic reading
おめでとう/omedetou/usually just kana omedetou/おめでとう/usually just kana御目出糖
  • noun:
    1. Japanese sweets made with glutinous rice and azuki bean paste


おめでとうございます/omedetougozaimasu/common omedetougozaimasu/おめでとうございます/commonお目出度うご座います · 御目出度う御座います
  • expression:
    1. congratulations  —Usually written using kana alone.



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