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さあ/saa/common saa/さあ/commonさあ


さあさあ/saasaa/ saasaa/さあさあ/さあさあ  
  • interjection:
    1. come;  come now
さあらぬていで/saaranuteide/ saaranuteide/さあらぬていで/然有らぬ体で
  • expression:
    1. with a nonchalant air
さあっと/saatto/ saatto/さあっと/さあっと
  • noun:
    1. relatively quickly (esp. actions)   さっと
    2. quite suddenly (esp. wind, rain, etc.)
さあり/saari/ saari/さあり/然有り
  • expression:
    1. it is so;  it is as such;  —Archaism.
さあらぬ/saaranu/ saaranu/さあらぬ/然有らぬ · 然あらぬ
  • pre-noun adjectival:
    1. casual;  indifferent;  nonchalant;  —Usually written using kana alone.
さあて/saate/ saate/さあて/さあて
  • conjunction / interjection:
    1. well;  now;  then;  —Usually written using kana alone.



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