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Showing entries with auxiliaries only.
じゃあ/jaa/common · じゃ/ja/common jaa/じゃあ/common · ja/じゃ/commonじゃあ · じゃ
じみる/jimiru/ jimiru/じみる/染みる
ちゃう/chau/ · じゃう/jau/ chau/ちゃう/ · jau/じゃう/ちゃう · じゃう
じゃん/jan/ jan/じゃん/じゃん
じゃなさそう/janasasou/ janasasou/じゃなさそう/じゃ無さそう
ではなさそう/dehanasasou/ dehanasasou/ではなさそう/では無さそう
  • expression / auxiliary:
    1. does not seem (to be)


Additional translation:

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